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Products - Rockshox 2015

Rockshox 2012 products distributed by Sussed Out Suspension

Sussed Out Suspension are an authorised Rockshox UK suspension stockist & service centre. Please contact us for all your Rockshox suspension sales & servicing enquiries. We offer full back-up and support as well as tuning possibilities to make your ride the best it can possibly be!

2015 Rockshox mountain bike suspension has arrived! Sussed Out Suspension are an authorised sales, & service centre for Rockshox MTB suspension in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk & Cambs!


2015 Rockshox RS-1 Inverted Front Fork - Purpose: 29er XC

The new Rockshox RS-1 literally turns the XC suspension market on its head! It combines 25 years of Rockshox R&D with a ruthless approach to material optimisation to create the pinnacle of XC MTB suspension!

2015 Rockshox RS-1 Inverted XC 29er Front Fork from sussed Out Suspension!

• Over 2 x SID World Cup bending stiffness
• Razor sharp steering precision
• Solid feel

• High bending stiffness and bushing location gives less chassis binding
• Seals constantly bathed in oil
• Less friction = better bump performance
• Incredible small bump sensitivity

• Natural extension of carbon frames

• Fast Black lower tube finish also featured on SID, Revelation, Pike, BoXXer and all Monarch shocks

• Pressurised damper system
• Consistent damping from start to finish
• Lighter weight
• Easy to service
• Creates “Euro firm” lockout
• Rapid Recovery rebound tune
• RockShox tuned low and high-speed compression


2015 Rockshox RS-1 Predictive Steering 'Torque Hub' technology

Please contact us for more info on the RS-1

2015 Rockshox XC28 - Purpose: XC

The XC Series offers Rockshox's premium technologies including PushLoc/PopLoc remote compatibility, TurnKey lockout as well as external rebound adjustment. The XC28 have 28mm stanchions and are coil sprung..

Rockshox XC28 2015

2015 Rockshox XC30 & XC32 - Purpose: XC

The XC series is a new line of entry level forks - 30mm or 32mm stanchions, stiff, performance orientated and available with TurnKey or PopLoc lockout. The XC30's are coil sprung whereas the XC32 are SoloAir sprung forks.

Rockshox XC30 & XC32 2015

2015 Rockshox 30 Gold TK - Purpose: XC

A lighter replacement for the Recon Silver, up to 230g! It is now Rockshox' least expensive aluminium upper tubed fork. They have 120mm options for 27.5" and 29" come with 1 1/8 or 1.5T steerer options. Also a SoloAir fork!

Rockshox 30 Gold TK 2015

2015 Rockshox Sektor - Purpose: Trail

The Rockshox Sektor is the perfect example of trickle down technology. Take the great performance and the chassis of the Revelation and tag it with a price you won't believe! There is still motion control damping and the new Dual Position coil in the Sektor to transform your downhill into smooth and your uphill into easy!

Rockshox Sektor 2015

2015 Rockshox Reba - Purpose: XC/Trail

he Reba is the chameleon of forks. It can be a short travel climbing machine or a 29er's stiff and reliable dream with plenty of options inbetween! Reba combines a potent blend of well-rounded performance, a lightweight design and unparalleled tunability on top of a stiff 32mm chassis. This is a relentless trail warrior all the way from the californian burning climbs to the
grin-inducing descents!

Improvements for 2015 include new low friction black seals, fast black upper tubes and re-designed rebound piston with rapid recover tune. Available in many different specs to suit your riding requirements with RL or RLT damper.

2015 Rockshox Reba - updated and improved!

2015 Rockshox SID - Purpose: XC

Superlight and super stiff! The SID the THE proven XC race fork.With considerable damping upgrades for 2015, the SID front fork is a chassis with all the stiffness you need at the weight you want! Available in 100mm or 120mm travel versions for 26", 27.5" & 29", the choice is there for the taking! Also available in 80mm from Sussed Out!

2014 Rockshox SID

2015 Rockshox Revelation - Purpose: Trail

Todays revelation: Ride more. Introducing the Revelation fork from Rockshox answers all your trail fork requests. It is a proven lightweight platform designed for aggressive trail riding. Smooth responsiveness provided by RCT3, XX & XXWC versions with MaxleLite and 140mm & 150mm travel.

2014 Rockshox Revelation forks

2015 Rockshox Pike - Purpose: Trail/All Mountain/Freeride

With an old favourite that has be revamped and revitalised into a modern day MTB suspension classic, the Rockshox Pike front fork is set to challenge any other fork for intuitive, hard wearing, lightweight and slick performance!

The new Pike's chassis reflects its intentions, with 35mm stanchions that receive a hard anodized black finish and sturdy lowers that feature more material on the disc side where the forces are higher. Casting details also include slightly less magnesium on the damper side as it does not require the same volume as the spring leg, shaving further grams, as well as a redesigned and much simpler 15mm Maxle Lite thru-axle and completely new CHARGER damper!


2015 Rockshox Pike from Sussed Out Suspension



2015 Rockshox Lyrik - Purpose: All Mountain

Charge up. Bomb down. Rinse and repeat. Rockshox Lyrik has got leaner and meaner. The new Lyrik combines climbing prowess and downhill control through a Boxxer-derived Mission Control DH damper. Master the mountain with Lyriks 170mm travel option, all new air spring system as well as coil version and a stout 35mm structure.

2015 Rockshox Lyrik

2015 Rockshox Argyle - Purpose: Dirt Jump/Agressive Trail

Take to the air. Jumping is about control. The more control you have, the faster and higher you can go. With sturdy 32mm upper tubes, the Maxle Lite thru-axle and externally adjustable Motion Control damping, the sky is the limit. This fork gives you the precision to ride harder, go higher and nail the landing so you won't feel a thing. Also available in a bump soaking 140mm travel version!

Rockshox Argyle 2015

NEW 2015 Rockshox Boxxer - Purpose: Downhill

The legend starts here. Featuring long-travel specific Mission Control DH damping, DropStop bottom out systems and a 35mm dual-crown chassis, the legendary Boxxer is downright fast. Upgraded damper technologies and a revalved design give an unwaveringly smooth and consistent feel to the reliable Coil and the decadently light, adjustable and fully re-designed Solo Air spring. This strikes a perfect balance between weight, stiffness and performance. This fork isn't for those who live to ride, it's for those who live to ride faster!

• Absolute damping consistency
• Reduced small bump feedback
• Compression adjuster controls ride height to maintain bike geometry
• Superior tuning, direct from BlackBox
• Nearly 100 grams lighter!
• Built in tuning options. Rearrange the shims in the damper to get light or firm options of compression and rebound


World Cup, Team, RC

Wheel Size options

26” & 27.5”


Charger or RC


Solo Air or Coil

Upper Tubes

Fast Black 35mm Aluminum

Target Weight

26” – 2517g (5.55 lb)

World Cup

26” 27.5”
£655.00 / 685.00
£970.00 / 995.00
£1290.00 / 1320.00

2015 Rockshox Boxxer


NEW 2015 Monarch & Monarch Plus DebonAir

The new Rockshox Monarch & Monarch Plus DebonAir feature an updated air can to allow for a more linear spring curve. Its lengthened sleeve adds to the volume of the shock's air can and also contains a separate chamber which extends the volume of the shock's negative spring.

The DebonAir technology adds a significant performance benefit to the Monarch and Monarch Plus models for those who are looking for better traction and bump absorbing capabilities. It require approximately 30% less force to start the shock moving into its travel, compared to last years Monarch Plus models, resulting in a more sensitive ride with more traction! Twinned with the fast black body tube coating, the shock is super plush and super efficient!

2015 Rockshox Monatch & monarch Plus DebonAir !

NEW 2015 Rockshox Vivid Coil & Vivid Air

For 2015 rockshox have put considerable resources into the re-development and improvement of the new Vivid Coil & Vivid Air shocks. They are a freeriders & downhillers secret weapon designed to keep traction at a maximum and control of the bike at an all time high!

The new Vivid incorporates Rockshox ‘Counter Measure’ technology which reduces the breakaway force of the shock to virtually zero pounds transforming small bumps into traction-generating performance.

The new Vivid shocks also receive dual-rebound circuitry called Dual Flow Adjust Rebound. One circuit handles small bumps and pedalling forces and the other circuit controls rebound on big bumps, like smashing rocks or sending big jumps.

Rapid Recovery allows the shock to recover more quickly between consecutive bumps, letting the wheel track the ground with greater precision. This more active suspension system doesn’t pack up and enables the bike to ride in a higher and softer part of the spring rate. Rapid Recovery gives the rider access to more available wheel travel, bump after bump, to achieve a smoother and more controlled ride.

NEW 2015 rockshox Vivid coil & Vivid Air rear shocks from Sussed Out Suspension! Rockshox stockist & service centre!

Please call us for more info on the 2015 Rockshox shock range.


For the 2015 Fitment list and to see what models are available, please click below.

Rockshox 2015

For more info on anything Rockshox, please call or email us!

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